Course Description

A growing movement of immigrant and faith communities have committed to doing what Congress and the Administration refuse to do: protect and stand with immigrants facing deportation. However, many congregations have questions. Who is seeking sanctuary? Who leads sanctuary? How do faith communities declare sanctuary? To answer these questions, the NC Religious Coalition for Justice for Immigrants has created a brand new seven-week E-course. Each week, you will receive a different course in your inbox. This course has been updated from the previous course to include new videos, podcasts, and readings about sanctuary and includes a new week focused specifically on alternatives to physical sanctuary. The cost is $5 and the course is available for 12 weeks (access expires six weeks after the final lesson). The course begins Wednesday, January 3 and new lessons are available each Wednesday thru February 14. 

Program Director for Farmworker & Immigrant Rights

Jennie Belle

Jennie was born and raised in Savannah, GA. She moved to Texas for her undergraduate education at Rice University, during which time she studied in Mexico, Peru and Argentina and participated in service projects in Central America. After graduation she moved to Spain for a year to teach English. Jennie then came to North Carolina for a dual degree M.Div./M.S.W. graduate program at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill where her work focused on advocating for farmworkers and organizing churches for social justice. Jennie is excited to use these skills in her role at the Council of Churches as she works to help improve conditions for immigrants and farmworkers in the state.Jennie lives in Durham with her husband and attends that city’s First Presbyterian Church. In her free time she enjoys dancing, traveling, trying new restaurants, and walking her dogs.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week 1: Orientation

    • Introduction Video

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    • About Me Survey

    • Immigrants in North Carolina (Statistics from the American Immigration Council)

    • Local NC Pastor's Testimony

    • Listen to Stories of Immigrants in North Carolina

    • Watch the documentary, "From the Back of the Line"

    • Engage with "Borders Beyond the Border"

    • Webinar: Broken Families, Broken Souls: The Impact of the U.S. Immigration System on Children and Families

    • Epiphany Devotion from the NC Council of Churches' Advent Guide

    • Epiphany Resources from the Interfaith Immigration Coalition

  • 2

    Week 2: What Is Sanctuary?

    • Week 2 Intro Video

    • Infographic: Sanctuary is...

    • Sanctuary 101: How churches and synagogues are stopping deportations

    • The Call to Sanctuary: How to Create Safety in Your Community

    • A Short History of Sanctuary

    • Rev. Noel Andersen (Video)

    • Introduction & History (from the PCUSA Sanctuary Discernment Guide for Congregations)

    • Safe Haven: The Sanctuary Movement (video from the NYT)

    • Church (Sanctuary, Part 1)- Podcast

    • Any questions?

  • 3

    Week 3: How to "Do" Sanctuary

    • Week 3 Intro Video

    • Week 3 Intro Video

    • Steps to Sanctuary

    • How to Become a Sanctuary Congregation with Rev. Alison Harrington

    • 5 Steps to Becoming a Sanctuary Congregation (Sermon)

    • Step-By-Step Guide to Sanctuary

    • Rev. Noel Andersen (video pt. 2)

    • State: Sanctuary pt. 2 (podcast)

    • Any questions?

  • 4

    Week 4: Sanctuary Considerations

    • Week 4 Intro Video

    • How Welcoming is My Community? – A Pop Quiz


    • Legal Considerations For Faith Communities

    • What To Do If Immigration Agents Are At Your Door

    • What to do if ICE comes to your faith community

    • Legislative Update & Know Your Rights (video)

    • Sanctuary Churches: Who Controls The Story? (Podcast)

    • Religious Organizations, Refuge for Undocumented Immigrants, and Tax Exemption

    • Sanctuary & Insurance FAQ

    • Any questions?

  • 5

    Week 5: Sanctuary in North Carolina

    • Interactive Map of Sanctuary Churches in North Carolina

    • Santuario (a documentary short)

    • What Else Happened? (Podcast)

    • PBS NewsHour story on Umpstead Park UCC

    • Sanctuary Stories NC (photo project)

    • Sanctuary Across the Nation (Facebook Live video)

    • Sanctuary Matters: Video with Rev. Keeney and Rev. Peeples

    • Sign on to support those in Sanctuary

  • 6

    Week 6: The Discernment Process & Alternatives to Sanctuary

    • Week 6 Intro Video

    • Congregational Asset-Mapping Inventory Checklist

    • Reasons for Supporting Sanctuary

    • Dealing with Controversial Issues in Faith Communities

    • Practicing Sanctuary

    • Defining Sanctuary Broadly (from the PCUSA "Sanctuary Discernment Guide")

    • Sanctuary Matters: Alternatives to Sanctuary

    • SanctuaryNC (from American Friends Service Committee)

    • Community Defense

    • Immigration Raids Rapid Response

    • Community Defense Zone Starter Guide